SEASON 2 - 2020

SEASON 2 - 2020



Monetary reward + Worldwide recognition in Hollywood Reporter and Variety Magazine + Creative Development by Hollywood Veterans, AND MUCH MORE. 


When is the deadline for Television script submission?

  • Pre-Launch deadline: January 20th 2020- $40
  • Early Bird deadline: March 22, 2020 - $50
  • Regular Deadline: May 24, 2020 - $60
  • Late Deadline: July 20, 2020 - $70
  • Final deadline: August 31, 2020 - $75

When will be the announcement of all the winners?


SEMI-FINALISTS:  August 15, 2019

TOP FIFTY FINALISTS:  August 31, 2019


Can I enter the competition If I have made more than 25,000 in compensation working as a writer?

Yes. We do not CAP EARNED INCOME AS A WRITER. If you have a great script, submit it for a chance to get produced.

What happens to my script if I don’t win?

If you do not advance during the competition, your script is deleted permanently from our data base. IF YOU DO ADVANCE, but don’t win the category finalists or grand prize, your script will be deleted permanently.

We understand how special a script can be, and we will protect it in the highest security and protection. 

Can I enter this competition If I live outside of USA?

Yes. We are accepting TV Script submissions worldwide. Except where prohibited.

If I submit my script and I am in a state or country that does not allow such submissions, what happens to my script?

Your submission will be disqualified and your fee will be fully refunded. 

How old do I need to be to enter the Competition?

Must be 18 years of age or older to submit your script. Anyone 16 or 17 years of age, must have parental consent form in order to submit.

If I win the grand prize, and I have other writers included in the winning script, do we all fly in to attend the Competition Awards event at the American Film Market?

The competition provides a complimentary Executive pass to The American Film Market. Winner is responsible for airfare/lodging. If the winner cannot attend the American Film Market due to flight/visa restrictions, then the winner forfeits the complimentary pass.

If we have a team of multiple writers, how is the prize/award broken down?

We award the primary writer the full award/prize and the primary writer will have to distribute it to his or her team.

What are the awards and prizes?

CLICK HERE to be directed to the Film/TV awards and Prizes.

Where can I submit my script?

You can submit your script here on our website YourScriptProduced.com, OR on FilmFreeway.com. We’ve made it convenient for you to register.

When submitting directly on our site or through the alternative options: Simply fill out the application, and attach your script in either PDF, WORD, or TEXT FORMAT and pay the fee required to enter this submission.

We do not accept scripts by regular mail. All entries must be online.

Once I’ve submitted, should I contact you to see if you received my script?

No. When you submit your script you will receive a confirmation letter within 48-72 hours. Use that confirmation letter as your receipt for the submission.

Be sure like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our mailing list by going to www.YourScriptProduced.com and sign up, to stay informed on updates and advancements of the competition.

Can I submit the script in different languages other than English?

No. All scripts must be submitted in the English language only.

Do I need to number every page of the script?

If you are using Final Draft software it numbers body pages automatically. If you are using a different software, then manually number body pages if they are not automatically numbered.

Why is it so important to only have the title on the cover page?

We want the readers, judges, and sponsor to judge based on the creativity of the script and words.

Do you accept scripts by mail?

No. Only accept online submissions directly on our site www.YourScriptProduced.com.

Why do I have to include an e-mail address when submitting my script?

Because all notifications will be sent via e-mail. By entering competition you agree to receive periodic emails from “Your Script Produced! Competition future news and announcements.

Can I submit the same script I sent in last year to other competitions?

Yes, as long as the script is not optioned, purchased or produced at the time of submission.

Can I submit more than one script?

YES. You can submit as many scripts as you want separately including a submission fee for each script submitted.

After I submit my script, I find mistakes or improvements in the script, and I rewrite and improve the same script submitted earlier, can I resubmit it with a fee?

No. Your second submission containing the revised script will be disqualified and no refunds will be applied. Your original script submitted will be the only script read and judged and able to advance within the competition.

What are the TV script categories?

We are awarding the following categories:

1 Hour Original Show

Half Hour

Reality Show

If I win the grand prize award, do I still have the rights to the script?

YES.. Only if our sponsor decides to purchase the script, then the rights will transfer to our sponsor if script is purchased after 12-24 month development agreement.

What are the page requirements for the categories listed?

FORMAT REQUIREMENTS for the TV Script competition listed below. Please understand that sometimes your submission is under or over the page limit and that is acceptable. We do not disqualify entrants but we recommend you follow the requirements.

  • 1 Hour original show 45 to 55 pages
  • ½ Hour original show 20 to 25 pages
  • 1 Hour Reality show 10 to 15 page treatment


Can I submit an adaptation?

Yes, only if you own the copyright, or possess the rights to the source material or use source material in the public domain.

I have optioned a book and written a screenplay adaptation, is my script still eligible for the competition?

No, scriptwriters must own all rights to the source material. When the source is optioned, the scriptwriter has not actually purchased the rights to use the work, he or she purchased the access to purchase the rights at some point in the future.

Must I provide documentation that I own all the rights to the source material?

Yes, we reserve the right to ask for verification that you own the rights to the source material of an adapted work. Failure to provide verification when requested will result in the script becoming ineligible for our competition.

Can I submit a rewrite of an already existing Tv Show?

No. We are only accepting submissions of original TV scripts.


Can one writer submit multiple scripts to the competition?

Yes, writers may submit as many screenplays to our competition as they would like, each submission requiring a submission fee.

Can I submit two versions of the same script?

No, we will only accept the one version of the script as a regular submission, even if you attend to make two separate payments.


Multiple writers are welcome, maximum up to 4 writers, and the prize money and other prizes offered will be equally split between all writers by the writers. Competition and Sponsor will split the prize/award equally among the group. Must choose one primary contact person and include his or her contact info on the submission page when submitting your script this way we communicate with only one writer.

I don’t think my script is formatted correctly, will I be disqualified?

You will not be disqualified but we recommend using Final Draft software, which automatically formats your screenplay to industry standards, or make sure you format according to industry standards if you opt to use other than final draft software.

What kind of scripts win the “Your Script Produced” Competition?

See “Competition Structure” in the OFFICIAL RULES TAB for details on the scoring grid and criteria.

Why do you have to run a background check on me?

Sponsor requests background checks for anyone who makes it to the TOP 50 finalists. Sponsor reserves the right to do so to confirm the winner is cleared from anything that can affect the sponsor in any way. Also to confirm no felonies or current warrants against the winner.

How does the reading process work?

CLICK HERE to be redirected to official rules, where you will find the answer to this question.


Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?


. If I were to win the competition and do not want my real name publicized to protect my privacy, do I then have the right to tell the Competition to use only my pen name in association with any publicizing of my winning script?

If your screenplay advances in the competition and appears published on our site, you may inform us of the name you would like to use. 

However, we stress that for our application process, we do not allow pen names under any circumstances – all screenwriters must use their legal name on all submitted materials and applications.

I am a professional actor that works under a stage name (registered with SAG-AFTRA, AEA, AGVA -not my “legal”name). I also use that name for my writing. Will it disqualify me to enter my script under that name?

We do not accept submissions from any union member.  This competition is open to all NON-UNION members only.

What if I legally change my name during the competition?

Names of screenwriters cannot be changed on submissions or upon resubmission. If your screenplay advances in our competition and appears published on our site, you may inform us of the name you would like us to use in relation to your screenplay.


How do I receive the money If I win? Does it matter that I don’t live in the USA?

We will pay your winnings straight into your bank account using Pay Pal or Bank Transfer. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you will get exactly what the exchange rate is. (We useXE.com to calculate this)

Are Reality shows accepted?


Why can I not submit a spec script based on current show?

Our goal is to discover creative new talent based on original content to determine their skills and creativity.

Does my pilot/spec script need to be registered?

We recommend registering your script with the Library of Congress, WGA, or whatever applicable in your state or country you live in.

Can I submit to other Competitions?


After I entered the competition, I changed my phone number, address, etc, what do I do to let you know?

Please email us your name, title of your script, and your new information so we update our records. Email us at Support@YourScriptProduced.com

What will you do with my contact information that I give you?

The information you give us will only be used by “Your Script Produced” competition to contact you directly or to update you on any upcoming deadlines and announcements. WE DO NOT SELL OR SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH ANYONE.

What happens to the submitted script if I do not advance in the competition?

All submitted scripts that do not advance in the competition will be permanently deleted from our data base when competition is completed.

If I win the category placement, do I still have the rights to the script?


If I win the grand prize award, do I still have the rights to the script?

Yes. Sponsor will option the Script for minimum of 12 months, with one year extension, and after developing the script, and it meets the sponsor’s requirements for green lighting a project, at that time, the sponsor has the right to exercise the option and purchase the script for $10,000.00 and will co produce it along with a seasoned TV producer. Writer will be attached as a consultant and will receive writing credit.

Why should I submit to this competition?

This is the only competition where we don’t set you up with meeting after meeting and going no where. We don’t sell you dreams. We don’t sell you hope. WE ONLY WANT TO PRODUCE YOU!

We are now accepting submissions for TV Scripts!